Mother's Day Gift

Who is a Mayor?  A Mayor is the highest ranking official in a municipal government such as that of a city or town.  Why am I speaking about Mayor now?  What does he have to do with me?  The Mayor does not have anything do with me.  But the "Junior Mayor"- the Mayor's sidekick, has too many things to do with me.  By the way,  "Junior Mayor" is closely related to me.  We live in the same house, we watch the same TV show,  we play the same game, we read the same book......did you get it yet?  Common World... I gave birth to her..........Yo, people!!  I am  delighted ( to the power of infinity)  let you know that my daughter has been named as "2016 Junior Mayor of Gaithersburg".   Thank You! Thank You ! Thank You!!  I am deeply honored and humbled !!   How did she get to be the Junior Mayor is the question you have.  Let us go behind the scenes of  "Junior Mayor 2016".  Shall we?

My daughter... she wanted to become famous thanks to me.  He...He.....A little bragging here.  I was at a Tamil Sangam function when some people(not known to me) gathered around me and talked high about my articles and videos...particularly the making of murukku video!!! I was thrilled and so was my daughter.   She wanted the same celebration.  She wanted to become famous.  As parents, we grabbed the opportunity and asked her to learn Carnatic music to become famous. (Dance is not our cup of tea).   She was totally not interested in Carnatic music.  We didn't want to force her but we didn't want  to let the opportunity to go.  I told her, "when you become big, the girls around you, particularly Indian girls, would be making a mark in music and dance. Since you are not learning anything now, you might feel left out in the future.  Is that fine with you?" She said, "When you become first Women President of USA, nothing matters the most".   We cracked up and kept quiet.  You see, Hilary Clinton has chances of crushing my daughter's dream !!

Exactly after a week of our conversation, came the essay contest "If I were Junior Mayor, what would I do to make the residents of "Happy town" healthy and happy?"  It was a mandatory essay contest for all fourth graders in our city, Gaithersburg.  The essays will be reviewed . The top seven scorers will be then will be interviewed by a panel of judges.  The winning student will get to be "Junior Mayor".  We told her "Junior Mayor" was her ticket to becoming famous.   This time, she cracked up and jumped on the bandwagon. She drew the essay with her ideas.  To cut the story short, she was one of the finalists in an essay contest.  She was interviewed along with other finalists. Finally, she got selected as "2016 Junior Mayor of Gaithersburg".

It was quite an emotional/memorable moment when we saw her sitting on  the stage along with Mayor and other council members on the day of State of the City Address.  The next emotional/memorable moment came when she was introduced to the public  the City Hall meeting. My eyes welled as she read her winning essay in front of the audience.  But my daughter remains unaffected.  The "Junior Mayor" thingy has not gotten into her head.  My husband and my son are placid too.
 Even their head is not working properly I suppose.  I on the other hand making a big deal out of it.  She has brought us such great honor, how on Earth I can keep myself contained? I am so over reacting.  Who cares?  Not every day you see your kid becoming "Junior Mayor".

 "Junior Mayor" has so many perks.  She gets to participate in City events throughout the year including Parade, fireworks, Christmas tree lighting etc. We get VIP parking pass for the events.  What an honor!!

This is not the first time I am going gaga  over my kid's achievement.  I have tasted this before when my son became a football player.  In the past, I had been baseball Mom, basketball Mom, Soccer Mom.  I didn't get any attention at all.  But once when my son became a football player, everything changed.  I turned into a "celebrity".   I was receiving endless appreciation for making a football player.  The truth is I didn't do anything.  It was my son's dream/aim/goal to become a football player.  He put his heart and soul into football.  His dream came true and he played for his school.  But, he is not playing anymore thanks to us.  (Its such a high-risk game, we didn't want him to continue).  Seriously I miss all those attention and celebration.

Why am I writing about my kids now? You know it is Mother's day.  Mother's day is associated with Mother's day gift.  Like you, I too feel my kids are my gift.  So why do I need a........Who am I kidding ? I need a gift.  Also, I need breakfast in bed.  On second thought, I need breakfast, lunch, dinner everything in bed!!

Happy Mother's Day.

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