English Vinglish

 I asked my almost 7 year old daughter, she doesn't know a single word in Hindi, "Did you understand the movie, Chinthu?"
"Yes," said my daughter.
"What's the movie all about?" I asked
"It's about a woman moving to New York.  She has problem with English.  Everybody around her speaks in English.  But she can't.  She joins an English class and then speaks English," said my daughter.
"So, what is your favorite part of the movie?" I asked.
"At the wedding, she stood up for herself and talked in English," said my daughter.  I was so impressed.
   "You know what, I cried in the end Chinthu," I said.
   She looked at me and said, "I almost cried too".   Oh………….

I put the  question to my tween son, "Did you like the movie?"
I was expecting "boring"for a reply, because every single thing under the Sun is boring for him.
"It was O.K," said he.
I was taken aback.  Voila.This movie has made quite an impression.

If you are a wife to a husband of few words, this movie is for you.
If you are a husband to a devoted wife, this movie is for you.
If you are an underestimated mom, this movie is for you.
If you are a parent that gets insulted by teen kids, this movie is for you.
If you are a human of some passion, that never gets reassuring words, this movie is for you.
If you can be blind to some flaws in an otherwise good movie, this movie is for you.
If you are a liker of Sridevi this movie is for you.  She looks her age and not all that glamorous.  But Sridevi is Sridevi is Sridevi.
If you are a non-liker of Sridevi ,this movie is for you.  You won't see Sridevi anywhere.  You would see an Indian housewife struggling to fit in an unknown place.
If you want to shed a tear or two for a movie with a humor tinge, this movie is for you.
If you speak Tamil, vamil, Telugu,velugu, Hindi, Vindi, Spanish, Vanish, German,Verman ,
Englsih Vinglish is for you.

We were contemplating between a Tamil movie and English, Vinglish.  Sure, that Tamil movie would've had all necessary elements to make us glued to the screen, but it wouldn't have left a mark in our heart.  My kids were totally against watching EV, because of Hindi but I forced them into watching EV.  Glad, I did. We all learned a lesson from this movie .Due thanks to Ms. Gauri Shinde for a clean family entertainer.

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