PK: A Movie in favor of Hindus

Do you think I have gone nuts? Seriously, not.  "PK"  is clearly in favor of Hindus.  "The "favor" is said in a very subtle manner.  If you have figured out  "the favor" already, you are a great person like me.  If not, I'll decode "the favor"  for a great person like you.   Before decoding,  I do have a word or two about this movie.

Aamir Khan delivers a meesage in this movie.  And that message is " Muslims will never betray."   To paint (t)his message in full, he made use of some sentiments/practices from all religions and a Hindu godman.  I liked the movie - most of it.  I liked the actors and the music as well.  I don't mind watching the movie one more time.  But, in select scenes, the movie did get on my nerves.

The very first one being  the "Label" scenes.  I do agree we should have only three "Labels"- man, woman and transgender.  The movie says the same, only it has gone little overboard.  I don't see any harm in identifying myself as a Hindu.  The harm will come  into effect only if I badmouth other religion/God or belittle people that follow other religion.  As long as we don't exasperate others by our actions, words or deed, "Labels" are fine.  Now comes the irony.  The movie is against (Hindu, Muslim, Christain) labels,  but  the label "Muslim"  is used to identify a young man - a good hearted young man and the label "Hindu" is used to identify a godman - a bad godman.

Next comes that famous half-baked dialogue "Jo dar gaya oh mandir gaya".  So what?  It's my basic right to go to the temple anytime I like.  Nobody out there has the right to interfere in my rights.  Whether or not I bear fruit(visiting temple) is my problem, not others.  Also, my going to temple is not going to hurt anyone.  My going temple is not going to kill tens of thousands of people.  And my going to temple is not going to wreak havoc in the society.   On the other side, there is a place, that some people visit when they are drenched in sorrow/delight.  The movie makers will neither condemn the place nor will they mock at the people going to that place.  Instead, they will see to that they take a shot or two in that "place".  And we are really fortunate to see that place  up close. In Bollywood we call that place "Bar/pub", in kollywood it is "Tasmac".

And that "stone" scene.  We see God in stone, we see God in tree, we see God in Cows and we see God everywhere.  Poor Aamir Khan, he just laid his hands only on stone.  If he had shown all the places where we see God, PK would have earned some  Rs. 2 billion. Better luck next time, Mr. Aamir Khan.

Now coming to that "favor".  (Even Aamir Khan might not have seen this coming)!! So PK's remote is stolen and he goes in search of the remote.  He is being told that only God can solve his problem.  He pleads to God - "Bhagvan/Khudha hai kahan hai re the?"   And "boom" appears God in the form of a human being as per  the saying "Deivam Manushya Rupena".  And the human being that helped PK find his remote is  "JAGATJANANI"  -  Hindu Goddess.  Now, don't you agree PK is in favor of Hindus?


  1. Where you have a will to prove this wrong, you've found a way. But i do understand that "managers" with the "wrong numbers" are increasing with all so many things that are being added like new T&C, which again is what I believe is the factor for these questions being raised. Don't you think?

  2. I completely agree with "managers" and "wrong numbers". If he had stayed there, it would've been much better. The dialogue could have been "jo dar gya, vo manager ke pas gaya". He could have used a statue of a godman instead of a stone and could have mocked at people worshipping the stone. Questions would not have raised. Instead he took a detour and attacked temple goers and idol worshippers. What is the necessity for that?