The Other Woman

I wrote this poem for a Poetry Contest.   I'm very happy to say that I didn't win any prize!! The irony is I neither know English nor know anything about Poem.  But I took a plunge because destiny played its part.  I used all the five senses in the poem, but some sense unknown to me is really missing.  Of the several reasons I didn't win a prize,  one of the reason the poem, I'll talk about the reason later..


I remember your first sight
When our eyes met on a cloudy night.

I remember your first call
That made my ears ping pong ball.

I remember your first smell
When you took my shoulder to dwell.

I remember your first kiss
That I savored like eternal bliss.

I remember your first touch
When I melted overmuch.

Three years ago
You came in like a glow.

The joy you brought
Will remain in my thought.

Today, as she held you in her arms
I felt the sweat in my palms.

Today, as she ambled with you
I felt my heart fall through.

Today, as you fade from my eyes
I succumbed to my cries.

When you reach your class
Will you tell that lass

"That's my Mother
  I love her for ever"!!!

The reason is prose or poem, humor takes backstage.  I have to quit fooling around to write a poem or I can keep fooling around and don't write a poem.  I like the second option better!!!

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