To my Grandma, with Love

This is what happened.  On Mother's Day I had an urge to write.  But I was out of ideas.  I spoke to my Mom and kept the phone down.  When I was thinking about the chat that I had with my Mom, I got "The" spark and that very moment my Mother's Day blog was born.  As I said earlier in one of my post, I've been given a wonderful opportunity to be a Guest Blogger for a website that bridges Positive Thinking and Health.  I submitted my blog to the website on Sunday.  When I checked my post on Monday, I was totally floored by the number of "Likes".  I live a normal life spending my day in 3-5 likes, but 150+ likes is too much.  I forgot all about my post and was hip-hopping for the likes.  I came here and published a post yesterday giving the link to my post.  As soon as I published my blog here(eventually I deleted), I came to know that someone else shared my post on their page.  I visited that page. When I was about to be floored again by likes and shares, a comment for the post got my attention and brought me to tears.  It dawned on me that all these likes and shares are not for me . It's for "all that Wonderful Moms".  My grandmother came to my mind.  She was one of a kind mother and one of a kind grand mother.  None of us(her daughters and grand daughters) will ever become like her.  My grandmother left us some 12 years back.  My mother talks as if my grandmother is still existing some where.  I'm still searching for my grandmother. You may think I'm stupid, but I have a belief that somewhere some time I'll see her.  If  When I find my grandma,  I would bring her to my Mom.  And my Mom(and her siblings) would never ever let my grandma go.

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