Like or +1 Social Proverbs are second to none

A status a day keep your friends away.

Be swift to like, slow to comment.

Comments speak louder than likes.

Don't count your likes before writing your status.

Every good friend once was a stranger.

A friend is one who +1's the post you +1'd.

Good status makes good friends.

(You can't)Have your status and like it too.

If at first you are not +1'd, try try again.

A journey of a thousand status starts with a single share.

Keep your comments shut and likes open.

Like is a boomerang, it always returns.

A man is known by the status he writes.

Never judge a person by his likes.

One man's share is the other man's treasure.

A picture is worth a thousand status.

Stolen status are the sweetest.

To like is human, to comment is divine.

Where there is a like, there is a share.

You can write a status, but you can't make your friends like it.

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