What can we do without…..

Women. One of God's wonderful creation is "Woman". I have a strong belief that if all the Navagrahas had been women, our life would've been more colorful.

Tamil literature classifies(based on Sanskrit) women in 4 stages based on their ages.

1)From birth till puberty

Babies are babies whether boy or girl. But there is an Irish saying: "A son is son till he finds a wife, a daughter is a daughter all of her life". There is nothing more I've to say because the Irish saying covers it all.

2): From puberty till 30th year

Have you ever seen any writer(or anybody for that matter) describing about a guy?Even if they have, it would be all about six packs, height, weight. Common, are we in any doctor's office? Colloquially girls are termed as "colors" and "figures". Without "colors" and "figures", the world would be a dry land.

3)From 31st year till 55th year

Marriage brings so many changes in a (Indian)woman's life. First she has to bid adieu to her loving parents. Next, like a newborn baby she has to enter into a house filled with unfamiliar faces. Very importantly she should learn to accept them as her family members. Above all, she carries a life within herself. On the other hand, marriage is just an incident(in some cases accident) for men.

4)After 55 years

An Italian proverb says "if nothing is going well, call your grandmother". Also we all know that there is only "Patti Vaidhiyam"(Grandma's medicine) and no grandpa's.

So people, don't you agree that women are always one step ahead of men?

Before I conclude, I have few words to say.

"A daughter may someday find a Prince Charming, but her dad will always be her king". And my father is definitely my king. On this Father's day, I Thank God for having given a wonderful, one of a kind father to us daughters. Appa, you are our priced possession. And for each and every daughter I believe.

Have you ever seen a girl approving/admiring/praising another girl's beauty?It rarely happens. And a girl doesn't care much about this disapproval because she is the color and figure in somebody's eyes. If only that somebody won't care about her, she will feel a lot. Common people, if there is no chemistry, how biology will evolve?A very Happy Father's Day to all responsible fathers that colored and figured in their youth.

Marriage brings a special person into a woman's life. "HUSBAND". It is his love that soothes the bid adieu pain. It is his affection that makes us bind with his family members. A line from a tamil movie(bombay) song says that
புருஷன் சுற்றுவது நின்று விட்டால்
எந்நாளும் பெண் வாழ்வில் ஏற்றங்கள் இல்லை.
which is really true. A good husband makes a good father. My dear husband, I wish you a very Happy Father's day on behalf of our kids.

There wouldn't be any"Patti Vaidhyam", if grandpas had poked their nose into grandma's matters. Happy Father's day to all the grandfathers that supported and encouraged their wives right from 20 till……….

Finally, Happy Fathers day to all the gentlemen that are behind the ladies. What can we do without you?

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