Waxing and Waning:Behind the scene (PG-18)

No, I'm not going to write about the Moon. I'm a girl of limited brain edition and I don't know anything about brainy stuff. Behind the scene is all about women's waxing and waning. I was reading a book about planets(ages 4 & up) for my daughter when it struck me that like the Moon,even women undergoes this waxing and waning every 30 days. So here I'm writing(though reluctant) about a feminine subject for men to understand women better. PG-18 is for girls above 18 and there is no age limit for men because,ahem…. ahem... at any given age men would never (try to)understand about women. Husbands, for once, read what is happening to "your woman" instead of reading what is happening to the world because of some women. Though I've said "husbands"many times here, this post is applicable to mother's sons, sister's brother's, aunt's uncles blogger's husband………...

Day1-Day 4:

We will be in the downy dumps with pain and top of that kids and husband. We yearn for a soothing word or two, a nice massage and quiet house.
நிலா தேய்கிறது, உயிர் போகிறது, யாரும் அறியவில்லையே!!!!

Day 5- Day 12

All of a sudden the depression cloud will float away. We feel refreshed and rejuvenated. The same kids and the same husband will make us jump for joy. Husbands, this is the best time of the month to talk about anything to your wife like, why she never cooks like your mom, how you miss your sister, how you don't want(her) to buy that jewelry, how
you don't want her to go on a shopping spree etc., She may not agree though, but she will not pick a fight with you because , she(we) will be in high spirits.
நிலா காயும் நேரம் சரணம், உலா போக நீயும் வரணும்
பார்வையில் புது புது கவிதைகள் மலர்ந்திடும்
பவை யாவுமே தேன்!!!!!!!!

Day 13 - Day 15

We feel great about ourselves now. Mind and body will work together. We feel like we can accomplish any difficult task like listening to our better half, getting along with in-laws, cooking a big feast, watching a weeping movie without weeping etc., because our en
ergy level will be at time peak now, before it drop……..s.
அந்த நிலாவை தான் நான் கையில புடிப்பேன்
என் ராசவுக்காக!!!!!!!!

Day 16 - Day 27

Here comes the roller coaster days. One minute we will be happy, the very next minute we will be angry and the minute after that we will cry for no reason. We bark at everyone. Husbands, a word of caution: you will be the target for your wife's anger. Also whatever you say during this time irritates her. For instance , if you compliment her looks she will scream at you like anything.
("ஆமா. இத்தனை நான் அழகா இருக்கறது தெரியலை, இப்ப தான் தெரிஞ்சுதா.வந்துட்டாங்க சொல்லறதுக்கு") .
After hearing this, if you try to mind your business without opening your mouth, you will hear the next dose of screaming(நான் இங்க ஒருத்தி பேசிண்டு இருக்கேன், அவர் எதாவது வாய திறந்து பேசறாரா பாரு").
On the other hand, if you open your mouth to say something, even then the screaming will continue(நீங்க எதுவும் பேச வேண்டாம், தயவு செஞ்சு இடத்தை காலி பண்ணுங்க").
We never really want to say all these hurting words. During this mid-month crisis, words like these come out of our mouth without our permission. Seriously our behaviour during these days, is not in our hands. Instead of relying on medicines and meditation, it would be better if men at home understands what women are undergoing. And you know "this too shall pass" unless your wife is a Tamil (mega) serial actress that has mid-month crisis 365/year. Until that time keep wondering,
நிலவுக்கு என் மேல் என்னடி கோவம் நெருப்பாய் எறிகிறது
இந்த மலருக்கு என் மேல் என்னடி கோவம் முள்ளாய் மாறியது!!!!!

Day 28- Day 30
Not again………..
இது ஒரு தொடர்கதை , சில தினம் விடுகதை
நிலவு தூங்கும் நேரம்!!!

Finally, I would be happy if this post of mine had changed a husband's perception of his wife from
கொஞ்சம் நிலவு கொஞ்சம் நெருப்பு,
ஒன்றாக சேர்ந்தால் எந்தன் தங்கம்!!!!! (my wife is little of moon and little of fire put together)
ஒரு பெண்ணை பார்த்து நிலவை பார்த்தேன்,நிலவில் குளிர் இல்லை
அவள் கண்ணை பார்த்து மலரை பார்த்தேன், மலரில் ஒளி இல்லை
அவள் இல்லமால் நான் இல்லை, நான் இல்லாமல் அவள் இல்லை!!!
(Neither the Moon is as cool as "my girl",nor the flower is as bright as her. I cannot live without her and vice versa)


  1. Bala has understood this cycle really well...please include the shouting @ children and cleaning sprees in 16-27 days
    Enjoyed the article...nice !