What I (don't)want on "MOTHER'S DAY"?

No flowers
It is not that I don't like flowers, seriously what will I do with a flower bouquet?I have to take care of the flowers, put it in a vase, feed some flower food etc……It's another job which I don't want to commit.

No breakfast in bed
Breakfast comes with coffee. Other than my dad's, I don't want to drink any man made coffee at home. Also my husband and kids haven't yet learned the art of working quietly. My Sunday Morning sleep is more important than breakfast in bed.

No kids, no husband
I really want a break from all sorts of questions that a kid can ask a mom and a husband can ask a wife. I don't want to go out because for the very reason that I don't want to take the responsibility as soon as I come back. Also if I stay at home, you know that I won't make any mess but if it is other way round…..Therefore I would happily let my husband have a day out with my kids. I even let them hang out until after their dinner. This also paves the way for my next wish.

No cooking, (un)loading dishwasher
I will easily survive on oatmeal, bread and fruits. Although I may wish to eat rice, I will steer clear from rice because cooking rice involves dishes and I don't want to wash even a single dish on that day.

No calling friends over
Although I wish to develop my social network, I don't want my friends to come over because I have to offer/make something to eat. And you are correct , that involves dishes which I don't want to wash. But I do want a friend to hang out, I do want to laugh whole heartedly after sharing a r-rated joke and I do want to talk about walk about things that doesn't make any sense. But I don't want to talk about twinkle twinkle little star, I don't want to talk about cooking, I don't want to talk about my children's grades/homework and I don't want to talk about any Tom, Dick or Harry.

Yes Movie(s)
I will watch a movie that I have already watched before to be on the safer side. Only movie that I want to watch when my husband is not there is "Kuselan". He didn't let me cry during the climax scene of that movie. Since he was teasing me, I controlled my tears. Now I will watch that scene and will cry my heart out.

Yes Book(s)
Currently I'm reading all time hit "Ponniyin Selvan". I will take the book, go out, find a nice spot with trees, shades, bushes, butterflies , bees, birds and flowers. Since Mother's day comes in spring, it is a cinch to find a spot like that. I will immerse myself in that book and would like to get lost in Srilanka along with the characters. After reading the book, I will enjoy my surroundings which closely resembles the narration of that Srilankan Island.

Having done all the things that I wanted, at the end of the day, the new rejuvenated me,will wait for my husband who transformed me into mother and my kids who gave me the motherhood. I will welcome my weary kids and my worn out husband with bouquet of smile. I will be all ready to bring my son his breakfast in bed the next day. I will be so happy to sing again Twinkle Twinkle little star with my daughter. I will share a r-rated joke with my husband and laugh merrily. I will go to bed thinking "why can't there be two mother's day in a year?"

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