My Dear Indian Denizens/Citizens,

Recently I watched the movie Outsourced and was so disturbed by the portrayal of the lead (Indian)female character. I really could not digest the fact that an Indian woman would go to an extent of having …. and feels nothing about that and keeps her cool. At the same I also could not accept an American eating from a broken, filthy plate. I really don't care about whether he eats from a filthy plate or not. I'm more worried about that portrayal of that Indian woman. Is this really what we got from outsourcing?

India is becoming westernized for sure with malls, western eateries, western dresses etc,. I'm not criticizing all these. I just feel so sad that we forgot to take the best things from overseas. For instance, when we board our flight in foreign countries, we stand in the line and abide by their rule. But soon as we touch India everything gets changed and we take India for granted. We will run helter skelter in that immigration room, we will cut in line, we will litter litter everywhere. This is just tip of the iceberg. I wrote, but deleted all the atrocities because I only felt very bad by us. We dress like Westerners, we eat like Westerners but we won't behave like them. We have taken the thorns and left the beautiful roses behind. On the other hand, people here(USA) are after our Yoga and Ayurveda .

August 15th is just 4 months away. I wish to write/say, "Happy Independence Day or Mera Bharath Mahan or Indhiya Naadu en veedu". But really speaking, have I done anything to India other than lamenting here and filing charge sheet against my fellows?When I do little something (like picking a paper from the road and putting it in the dump, or questioning people spitting on the road or any other manner by which I can remove a blemish from Mother India) that day I will proudly write on my wall "VANDE MATARAM".

Back in school days, my tamil teacher used to tell us that Mahakavi Barathiyaar(great Tamil Poet) in his work Paanajli Sabatham(Draupathi's Vow), personified India as Draupathi and the Britisher's as Dushasana. I don't know whether it is true or not. But now I think about that it does make sense. Any individual that degrade India by any means/ in any form is Dushasana. Each and every individual that saves India from the clutches of Dushasana is "The Protector".

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