Payanam-Oru Paarvai

1)If Nagarjuna(or any hero for that matter,especially Vijayakanth&Arjun)faces a similar situation in real life,will he(they)turn into a real hero and save the day?

2)"Punitha Por" means no guarantee for (woman's)life but 100% guarantee for her chastity!!!!!!!?????????

3)Need of the hour is, a six weeks crash course on how to tackle the terrorists.

If Rajini had been the hero, one Rajini step and all the terrorists would run helter skelter in the opening scene only.

If Kamal had been the hero, the important passengers(but for that little girl)and all the terrorists would be Kamal only.

Really good movie. This good movie lacks the bad traits of tamil movies. There is no hero, no fight,no songs, no forced comedians,no skimpy dressed heroines. Kushboo started the dress cutting culture now Nayanthara, Anushka and Tamana are holding the fort and Deepika Padukone(Rajini Sir, do you really need Deepika?) is in pipe line. But I really pity these heroines because they have reached their minimum dress limit, and are in a fix now.

The best part of the movie is the humor that has sprinkled throughout. Have to appreciate Mr. Radha Mohan for sharp humorous dialogues. Very natural. "Sagalakalavalavar" should learn a thing or two from this writer, so that we can escape from that confusion comedy. The humor has gone a little overboard that serious subject has turned into comedy. Everybody said the passengers(in an acute situation)were not serious. But that is not the case. As audience we only laughed, but the passengers looked to be serious only except for one scene. I do accept that there are many loop holes in the movie. Even Enthiran and Dasavatharam had loop holes. Every movie has its own share of loop holes. If there is no loop hole, the movie is only fit for Oscar. I would definitely say this movie is a family entertainer. Should also appreciate Mr. Prakash Raj. Although he has produced the movie, he left the main role to Nagarjuna and played second fiddle.

No colossal sets, no graphics, no makeup modulations. Simple movie. In short, பெரிய தலை வாழை இலை போட்டு கல்யாண விருந்து இல்லை, simpleஆ வத்தக் குழம்பு and potato fry like movie.

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