I'm not talking about iAlarm for Mac or iAlarm for any mobile device. I'm talking about an alarm I designed for my mom, so I designed alarm is iAlarm!!!!!You know(how do you know?)my mom cannot live without three things:radio, flash light and alarm clock. Back in school days, my mom hands our coffee(note to self:should blog about coffee)with the day's news. And her flash light always comes in handy when the power goes off. She never sleeps without an alarm clock and she has quite a collection, though none of them are not as good as I designed(ahem, ahem). Remember the old round, wind-up alarm clock!That alarm not only woke up my mom, but the entire street. The alarm clocks that are available in the market now are exceptionally good, that my mom cannot use any of them because, besides alarm, they have too much function like radio, cd, weather,cell phone,iphone,ipod,ipad and with so many buttons. My mom is getting old(can't say that) and she needs only alarm clock. Since I didn't find the best alarm clock, I only designed one, with touch technology. And here is my iAlarm:

Everything is touch and no extra gimmicks not even snooze button.
To set the clock: lets say for 7.00 p.m., touch(i)CLOCK(ii)7(iii)00(iv)PM(v)CLOCK.
To set the alarm: lets say for 5:45 a.m.(you don't want an alarm to wakeup at 8 a.m.)
(i)ALARM(ii)5(iii)45(iv)AM(v)ALARM. As soon as you set the alarm, the alarm time will display on the left side of the clock. The alarm goes off at 5.45 a.m. You touch the clock the alarm stops and goes off again after five minutes(snooze). The alarm goes off every five minutes till you touch the OFF button. The OFF button has a little dent, so that you can feel the dent and off the button. The alarm time displayed will goes off when you press stop. You can cancel the alarm at any time by pressing OFF

And that's my iAlarm. Bid adieu here because I'm going to my dreamland just to see how my Mom would react when she gets an iALARM.

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