About iPad from a laywoman

Incidentally I'm not typing this on the iPad.

I tried to type but found a problem. The first lesson we learned in typing is asdfgf ;lkjhj. The iPad keypad doesn't have semicolon next to L,instead there is the return button. So by default my little finger was going the return button.Instead of typing,I ended up pressing return and backspace. As always, it will take some days to get the hang of it. Even in Ipod touch there is no semicolon n.to L. But since we use "Blackberry Thumb" for Ipod touch,semicolon doesn't matter.

The best thing about iPad is it's light weight. It weighs only 1.5 pounds(oh!yeah, got this spec from apple.com). The world wide web is under 2 pounds (in your hand). This light weight gives you the freedom of browsing the web anywhere any way you want. ou can sit and browse, you can stand and browse, you can walk and browse, you can lie down and browse.Since you are doing multitasking while browsing,why do you need youri iPad to multitask?A latest report in "House Journal" revealed that multitasking is neither good for humans nor for machines. Did I say that it's "Sujatha's House Journal"?

The next best thing is that iPad doesn't get hot. I realized this very recently while watching a TV show(you know what show) with iPad on my lap. I was watching the show for more than an hour and this iPad didn't get hot. Is that why people say "iPad is cool"?

The iBooks app is free to download from the app store. You can browse and purchase the books. As with all other app, there are some free books too. Just for the sake of downloading I downloaded a free book and just to get the feel of iReading, I read the free copy of Winnie the Pooh. iReading is hi-tech reading. The text are very well spaced and very comfortable to read. You can also change the font size(large/small) and font style(5 styles) of the text. To turn the pages, you can tap left(for the previous page) or right(next page) side of the screen or as with reading real books you can swipe your fingers either way. You can also use the slider at the bottom of the page to go to a particular page. There is a provision to adjust the screen brightness. There is even a search button where I entered "Pooh". The search result yielded all the lines that has "Pooh" in the book and also connects to Google search and Wikipedia search. Best thing is dictionary is readily available. Just tap a word and you get three options "dictionary, bookmark and search". When you bookmark a line/word/paragraph, the line gets and stays highlighted and all the bookmarked ones appear in the very first page of the book. You just tap the particular bookmark to go to that page instead of searching page by page for the bookmarked one. You don't need a bookmark for pages because the page that I read stays put even if I read after 2 days. Now if only I can tap the time to stay put........

There is an app for magazines too and that is "Zinio". You can either purchase the newest issue or go for yearly subscriptions. The price is more or less the same. The current subscrition rate for "Parenting School years" is $12 for 12 issues. At Zinio,its $9.97 for 11 digital issues. Again this is hitech reading. If I go for digital issue from print issue, it would be suffice to take only the iPad to a particular place in the morning......

All said and done, iPad is an instant computer. A single button lets you start browsing the net. There is a button(which is not in iTouch) on the right side of the slider which converts your iPad to digital photo frame. You can rotate the iPad screen to any whichway you want and there is a lock to prevent this screen rotation. The volume is more than audible because iPad has three speakers. I have given only very little features of iPad. If I start writing about all the features, then this blog's title would change to "About iPad from an oldwoman".

Finally I do agree to a certain extent that iPad is a bigger version of iPhone/iTouch. But there are differences. Are you the same at 10 and 20?

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  1. Pretty good. I thought there is nothing new for me in this. But that is not true. Appreciate your info. on books. It is pretty informative. Magazine reading would also help a small step towards green! Finally as usual the final touches are always ultimate. Great job. Keep writing.