Best Day Ever

You know that song from Spongebob right..."Best Day Ever?".  I love that song and I love SpongeBob too.  And that song came true yesterday... that is Friday, September 23rd, 2016 with surprises unfolding one after another.

Just like your Friday, my Friday dawned with the Sun rising in the East.  My daughter, the Junior Mayor had an event yesterday.  Our city hosted "Appreciation Breakfast" for Parent Teacher Association Members, School Principals and Council Members.  My daughter had to talk about Parental Involvement in the Schools".  She prepared her speech(four sentences).  But she didn't practice speaking at home.  She was too busy playing with her friends.  So when she was called to deliver her speech, she did have some hiccups.  I was really mad. My eyes went blind.   I didn't see that she was delivering her speech in front of some one hundred adults without any apprehension.  My mom attitude got the best of me.  I was all prepared with my lecture on responsibility for her. And then..... suddenly she turned the table on me with her presence of mind.  While ending the speech,  she said something coinciding with the mood of the attendees and the Mayor.  She didn't prepare the sentence before. It was an impromptu line.  The whole crowd cracked up with a big round of applause.  The Mayor was all smiles and gave her a big hug.  My eyes welled up.  It was a feel good moment.   The chief guest that spoke later, lauded her speech.  Seems I only need a lecture how to be a good parent.  My husband and I were too engrossed in her speech that we forgot to take pictures.

After dropping my daughter at school, I drove to DMV.  You know the norm of DMV, right? You have to  wait, wait,.......wait for your turn all your life.   I was waiting and waiting and waiting and feeling bored.  I started reading Ananda Vikatan(Leading Tamil Magazine) on my phone.  I read the cover story about Dhanush and Raj Kiran.  I read something else and I landed on 10-second story section.  10-second story is that you have to write a story that can be read in 10 seconds.  It is kind of difficult to draw a story in few words.  I have sent three 10-second stories before, unfortunately, but nothing got published.  I started reading the first 10-second story.  I felt it was kind of my story and someone has copied my story.  Suddenly something flashed through my mind.  I read the story again.  And I saw my name underneath my story.  I was totally taken aback. I didn't get any prior notice from Vikatan about publishing my story.  I was there all alone not knowing how to express my euphoria.  Right at that moment, my number was called.  I have no idea what that DMV person asked, what I answered. I was in a trance. I had to tell the whole world to come out of the trance!

Again back to my daughter.  She came back home with a long face.  She ran for president in her school election.  She lost the election.  I was consoling her when the phone rang.  It was my daughter's friend with some important queries.  As she started talking to her friend, I heard a knock on my front door.  I opened the door.   There was none at the door.  But I saw a big yellow envelope lying down.  I took the envelope, read the "From" address and my head went spinning in all the directions.  It was from "The White House" addressed to my daughter.  I wanted to open the envelope immediately but I wanted to give the honor to my daugher.  But she was talking on the phone forever.  I dangled the envelope in front of her eyes, with my finger on the from address.  She was surprised too but she wouldn't keep the phone down.  I felt the inside of the envelope.  It was kind of cardboard.  With that "Cardboard" feeling and my daughter's name on the envelope, I thought "The White House" correspondence has come through Mayor office.....and not for my email.  Yes, people.....Some twenty days back I did send an email to The First Lady about my daughter, my daughter's reference to the First Lady's "keep fit" idea in her Junior Mayor essay, how I see the First Lady as a Mom,  and some catchy phrases.   I would have written to The President but I felt the First Lady was more close to me!! I was not expectiing any reply from The White House, because when I researched how to send an email to The President/The First Lady, I came to know that The President receives 65,000 paper letters every week, 100,000 emails everyday, 1000 faxes, 2500 to 3500 calls everday. Out of which only 10 letters will be read.  So when I sent that email to The First Lady, I made a "note to self"  that the chances of getting back from The White House are slim.  I sent the email from my account and gave my name for my home address.  Therefore seeing my daughter's name on the envelope, I was one hundered percent sure it has come through the Mayor Office.  My daughter got off the phone finally.  My daughter opened the envelope taking all her time.  We peeked into the inside of the envelope.  There were two 8x10 glossy photograph.  One photograph was The President with his family signed by The President and The First Lady.  Another photograph was their dog "Bo".  I looked at my daughter.  She looked at me.  Then we both screamed together in high pitch.  After done with the screaming, we peeked into the envelope again.  There was a letter.  I took the letter.  It was from The First Lady.  The second line in the first paragraph read, "I am so happy your mom told me about you......"   And I screamed again.  So this letter was a reply to my email.     We screamed, we danced and we did all sort of nonsense!!  I wanted to see that email I sent.  I don't have that email, since I used The White House website to write the email.  Already I love the President and The First Lady too much.  Now after receiving the letter, my love has multifolded.

September 23, 2016 has made a great mark.  I will remember this best day forever and ever and ever. Taking this opportunity to wish my readers Best Day today and everyday.

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