Kids,Schools and Mommies

Daylight Sleeping time ends today,
For some of us in the U.S.A.

Tomorrow delivers Independence Day,
For it's the advent of School Day.

Tikes leave the nest,
Mommies feel the zest.

Ends the Vacation Storm,
 Abode attains calm.

                                         Good bye Summer,
                                         You're never a bummer.

                                         Welcome Fall,
                                         Don't you bring winter and all.


  1. LOVELY indeed -If U had been here WHY not even now U can Contribute to Magzines and get a name and some pocket money --Contributions to local mags from NRIs are probably doubly welcome Have YU tried?? Cheers BRP

    1. Thanks for your comment. Just building my foundation stronger. Have to try soon.