Enthiran : Factual Review

First and foremost, if you don't like Rajini, please take a detour. This place is not for you.

1)This is out and out Shankar's movie and not Rajini movie.I went expecting our normal Rajini in Enthiran, but I was disappointed. If you haven't seen this movie yet, just go without any expectations, you'll have fun.
2)"Enthiran" is a visual treat.It's worth spending your money for the ticket.Very rarely you get to watch tamil movies like this. So get the ticket and hit the theater.
3)Rajini is there in each and every frame.I can also say that "Enthiran" is a milestone in his acting career. He has performed well in this movie. But who cares about Rajini's acting? Many actors out there for acting, but only Rajini has that offbeat style, which is clearly missing in this movie. Mr. Shankar has brought out Rajini's artificial talent(acting) but hid his natural talent(style)behind. If you want to see Rajini act, you can very well see this movie.
3)After style comes, Rajini's comedy. The movie has its share of comedy but you'll not see that "Characteristic Rajini comedy".
4)You can take you kids to Rajini movie without any fear. But there are two scenes in this movie not suitable for kids under 10. Sooner or later I'm expecting a bomb shell from my son.
5)Aishwarya Rai has done the job she has been paid for. Any actress would've fit the bill. Since the film is rich in every aspect, so is the heroine. The biggest problem with "Ash" is, her beauty overpowers her acting. I felt that she exposed everything except acting. "Ash" is a one of a kind heroine, so should be her dubbing voice. Many a time I felt like hearing/seeing Simran.
6)I cannot write technical details because I don't know detailed techniques. People coming out of the theater were praising all about graphics and techniques. A. R. Rahman has done a neat job.
7)Finally, I've seen "Chandramukhi" and "Sivaji" umpteen times. I'm not sure whether I'll watch "Endhiran" again.

More than watching the movie, I really liked that "movie going" experience, watching the crowd clamoring and hollering for Rajini, seeing the exiting people's enthralled face, etc. etc. Only a "Rajini" movie can fed us with all this experience. After watching "Sivaji" I personally wished Rajini should bid adieu to acting. Now I don't feel like that anymore. After "Sivaji" we had to wait for three years to get that "festive feel" for a movie. I wish to see one more true "Rajini Movie".

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  1. So, your $100 has found its worth!!!! Glad!!