My name is SUJATHA

And I'm proud of my name, if not proud of myself.

Other day I was browsing through baby think I'm
jobless?Ofcourse Yes!I'm currently on HD3 Visa(Housewife with 3 Dependents).
Now where was I?Oh, Yeah!!As I was browsing,I could not find any other name as artistic as SUJATHA. Seriously,I'm not joking. Read for yourself.

The moment you hear "SUJATHA", I know I will be the first one to come to your mind. Thanks so much. You are much too magnanimous. Like me there are many famous "SUJATHA"s.

SUJATHA Rangarajan: A great writer. Only I don't have any words to write about him. Recently I read one of his short story "RECEPTION 2010" in the collection "Katradhum Petradhum".It's kind of science fiction(not much of science, because I cannot understand science). Mr. Sujatha might have written this story around 2000/2001. Surprisingly the main plot of the story is slowly coming to life in 2010 in India. "It" is already happening in the USA. Unfortunately(according to me), "it"s happening in India too. I really wonder whether Mr. Sujatha already knew "it" would happen or it's just a mere coincidence? Anyway wanted to meet him personally, didn't happen.

SUJATHA Mohan:A very good singer.T his "SUJATHA" took a hiatus from singing when I was little(so little that I didn't even know how to write "SUJATHA").புது வெள்ளை மழையாய் again she bloomed in "ROJA". Got a chance to meet her up-close.

Actress SUJATHA: Clever actress. After "Baba" didn't see her in any movies. Saw her personally, only she didn't see me.

SUJATHA Srinivasan: Well known Dancer, though I haven't seen any of her performance. Know her personally but haven't talked to her.

Now do you agree that there is a "SUJATHA" in every field?

Therefore family and friends of "SUJATHA", prepare to be surprised because you never know what your "SUJATHA" has in store.

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