Are you prepared?

Went to the grocery stores this morning. It was jam packed
today because nobody can come out tomorrow to get the grocery.
Went to get some movies,almost all the good movies were
checked out because watching movie is going to be
be the main/only entertainment tomorrow.

Why?What is going to happen tomorrow?

Tomorrow our place is going to get record snow of the
decade. 30 inches .Can't step out.Thanks to the
weather channel , we are well prepared to face the snow.

I was just thinking what would we do if we knew
that the world is going to end tomorrow?
Would we prepare ourselves to face the end?

We are in a critical situation now. Let me think
about myself instead of "ourselves"

What will I do if the world is going to end tomorrow?
I will cook a big feast.Wait, neither I'm interested
in cooking nor I'm interested in eating, then why
would I cook a big feast?Will tell you later.
I'll take all the utensils(I'll save 3) outside,and
use each one of them to cook that big feast. Now comes
the best part and the reason for my cooking. Since
the world is going to end tomorrow, I don't have to
wash the dishes or, load the dish washer or
unload the dish washer. When the World is
going to sink, why should I care about my
kitchen sink?

Now for the climax.

Remember the 3 utensils I saved. Using one,
I'll boil the milk till it foams---------
Switching to tamil since english is not working out here.

பாலை நன்னா பொங்க பொங்க காய்ச்சி,
(boiling milk for coffee is an art,
have to learn from my father.World is
going to deviation)
அந்த நுறையோட நல்ல காத்ரமான tumblerல விட்டு,
add ரெண்டே ரெண்டு சொட்டு decoction
(decoction should be that strong),
சக்கரை போடாம (because sugar will
reduce the strength of the coffee)
டபரால ஒருஆத்து ஆத்தி
கொஞ்சம் நுறையோட(because you
should taste the coffee, not the foam) குடிச்சா, oh! boy!

என்னது?World End ஆ?யோவ் ! போயா!


  1. Share that art of boiling the milk for a coffee...
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