History repeats Itself

I was just few steps away from being televised or from getting my picture published. If you think that is for my writing, you are absolutely wrong. I got instant attention all because of the photographed "Sona Masoori Rice" bag. Since the ban of plastic bags came into effect in our county(from January 1st), I started using all cloth bags that I have at home.Yesterday I took this bag to our local Indian grocery store and was in the billing line waiting for my turn. When my turn came, the usual grumpy man behind the counter thought I was buying this rice bag. He was about to enter the price for the bag, when I pulled packets of toor dal, channa dal, coriander seeds, red chillies etc…(common,can't tell everything that I bought)from the bag. He looked at me and burst into laughter. (A grumpy man laughing like this is the eighth wonder of the world.)After finishing his lengthy laugh, he said, "It never occurred to me that you can use this bag for grocery shopping. You are very smart and I really appreciate your creativity." And people that were standing behind me in the line acknowledged him and appreciated my "creativity". அட கடவுளே!!पागल है क्या ? Are you guys crazy? Did I invent the cloth bag?Or was I the first one to use this bag? Back in India, we used to use this bag before the plastic bags took the world by storm. And my parents and in-laws still use these bags. Going green has brought one ancient thing back to life. Like the bag, there are so many things eventually disappeared due to many reasons. I would be more than happy if some going red, going yellow or any color for that matter, could bring "Pallavan bus, Mambalam railway station ice-cream, theatrical commercials before start of the movie, black rotary telephone,T.V.programs (sans mother-in-laws and daughter-in-laws) like Monday Chitramala, Tuesday (useless)drama, Wednesday Chitrahaar, Friday Oliyum Oliyum, Saturday Regional Movie, Sunday Tamil Movie, Marina Beach shops, only one Anna flyover, no what to cook days………..and my grandma" back to life.

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  1. Sujata, when my parents were here, they packed around 8-9 rice bags(empty ones though), zipper ones to take it to India...