When God is answering, the solution is simple.

You know, I don't go much into History(for that matter I don't go into Math, Science, Geography, Social Studies, English, Tamil)because my brain cannot process intellectual things.  But last week, I was forced to follow a famous person because, his historical speech was everywhere last week.  The person was Abraham Lincoln and the historical speech was his "Gettysburg Address".  (Nov 19, 1863 Abraham Lincoln delivered this speech. Since Nov 19, 2013 marked the 150th Anniversary of the speech, it was everywhere).  As usual, I didn't understand the first time I read the address.  So I read couple of more times, plus couple of more times, ........eventually after some couple of more times, I got the message. The address was inspirational , motivational and above all I was able to picture the American Civil War.(For the record, my knowledge in Civil War is lesser than a miniscule).  The main beauty of this address -- Abraham Lincoln spoke only for 2 minutes.  The crowd that gathered on that day was expecting a long speech, but Abraham Lincoln took only 2 minutes to nail his message.  The reports say that the crowd was stunned by his 2 minutes message and to this day so many people remember the message.  Dwelling on that 2 minutes, I felt that there should be someone in Indian History who spoke a little but conveyed big.  I googled to find a person, but, alas, of my little knowledge in Indian History I was not able to find one.  As I was scolding HIM for not helping me find a person,  my search landed on a page with Lord Anjaneya.  I was to
tally confused and puzzled to see Anjaneya at that time.  When I was about to close the page, something struck from
nowhere.  OMG!OMG!Eureka!!I jumped for joy in mind.  I found a Person that spoke
less than 2 minutes.  I found a Person that spoke only 2 words.  I found a Person that narrated His entire mission and success of the mission in 2 words.  And that 2 words are  " Dhirshta Seetha"(I saw Seetha, கண்டேன் சீதையை).  That 2 words defined His crossing of the ocean and finding Seetha.  I searched for 2 minutes, I got 2 words.

Failure,Failure,Failure. I was faced with bout of failures last week.  My story came back and I lost in 2 writing contests.  I was totally depressed and dejected because I really worked hard on these projects. I'm well aware of the fact that success never comes easy.  Drowned in my failure, I was not able to think anything in positive way.  The negative took me over.   I was thinking that writing is not my thing and I should stop writing and concentrate on something else.  And I could not find anything that I can concentrate.  As I was drowning further and came to a conclusion that there is no light at the end of the tunnel, I stumbled upon a picture.  Seeing is believing.  The picture lifted my spirits, lifted me from my drowning.  And assured me that there will be a light at the end of the tunnel.

I may win next time, I may fail next time.  If I win, well and good.  If I fail, I will drown again.  But I'm sure I'll get a lift from HIM.  

Finally, I was so mad at the great poet Thiruvalluvar because he says in one of his kural(இன்னா செய்தாரை)  "the proper punishment to those who have done evil to you, is to put them to shame by showing them kindness.  Showing kindness to people that irks you out with their words, deeds, actions might have worked during his period, but now it doesn't.  Not only it doesn't work, the opposite party is blind to our kindness.  Now, you know the reason for my madness?I was so badly hurt and  didn't know how to deal with these people. Sri Velukkudi Krishnan Swami came to my rescue. I was listening to his Bagavatham lecture,  To my surprise, he took the same kural and said "Nowadays doing good to bad people, never works.  So don't do good, don't do bad.   Kindly stay away as far as possible from those  people".  Staying away is easier than doing good to bad people.  Don't you agree?

When God is answering, the solution is simple.

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